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Welcome to State-of-the-art Metallomic Analysis

Our brand new website is due to launch in December 2020.
Here is a quick overview of the London Metallomics Facility.

The London Metallomics Facility

The LMF is a Wellcome Trust funded King’s College London / Imperial College London supported core facility, currently the only centre of its kind dedicated to expanding frontiers in Metallomic applications. The LMF is the ultimate dot connector and integrator, listening to scientific questions and providing integrative solutions through its state-of-the-art analytics, connecting leading experts in the appropriate fields of research, and facilitating interactions with commercial and industrial parties that can help to translate fundamental scientific discoveries into beneficial applications.


The periodic table of elements: remember those from basic science class long ago? But did you know that those super important building blocks of life stretch far beyond carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur to include a wide range of metals? Metals only make up 2.5% of a human body, but without them life would not exist. Through countless hours of hard work over the past decades, researchers have recognised the critical importance of metals in biology, and this realisation has given rise to a new exciting field of Metallomics that is starting to reshape the landscape of research questions across diverse fields of research.

Human health and disease

Developmental biology

Environmental toxicology

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Your Metallomic Toolkit

The holy grail of Metallomics is to determine the identities and quantities of metal species in a location in the body at a certain time.

Whilst obtaining enough information with just one measurement or analytical technique is impossible, the combination of methods can be an incredibly powerful way to achieve these goals. Easier said than done, but at the LMF we offer you a wide range of services that include solution-based quantification of metals in a range of biological samples, as well as novel technology to image metals in cells and all types of hard and soft tissues.

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